Wellness Program


The Lone Pine Wellness Center/Ohobü Fitness is a small community gym owned and operated by the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Tribe and is the only fitness center within 41 miles of Lone Pine, California. The gym was created in order to provide Lone Pine tribal members with the resources and education they need to achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals. 

In order to create a sustainable wellness program and expand on services and resources for tribal members, we opened our doors to the non-tribal community for a small monthly fee.  Since then, our gym has become more than a business, it’s a community of positivity, health, wellness and empowerment for people of all ages, races and backgrounds. 

We hope to continue to expand our services to not only the tribal community but to the non-tribal community as well. 


To create a healthy and positive environment where tribal members have free access to fitness equipment and educational resources designed to help them thrive and meet their wellness goals. 


To sustain and expand our wellness program to provide more services for Lone Pine tribal members, including but not limited to: providing access to fitness equipment, culturally-relevant cooking/nutrition classes, fitness classes and personal training for free. 



The gym has recently been expanded an additional 400 Sq Ft!  This new space will make room for new equipment as well as additional space for members to workout.  The West side of the building has also been completed with new flooring, drywall and air conditioning/heating system.  Gym members will be able to utilize this new space for workouts and we also hope to eventually provide a variety of fitness classes.


The Lone Pine Wellness Center/Ohobü Fitness Gym closed to the public on March 18th, 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the time of our closure, the gym went under construction to add an additional 300 Sq Ft to the gym floor as well as a new office for the gym manager. The west side of the building, which was unfinished, was also completed with new flooring, drywall, air conditioner/heating system and a new service window for the kitchen.  

Once construction was complete, we planned on reopening the gym on the morning of Monday July 13th, 2020. That morning, Governor Newsom announced 29 California counties that were added to the state’s monitoring list meaning those counties did not meet California’s Coronavirus criteria and would have to close indoor facilities such as hair salons, restaurants and fitness facilities. One of the 29 counties was Kern County which borders Inyo County. We want to do everything possible to protect our community, so we decided to re-close the gym until COVID-19 cases decreased. 

On Monday, Aug. 17, Inyo County was placed on the state’s watch list which resulted in closure of indoor activities including fitness gyms. At that time, Inyo County had 174 confirmed cases and 13 deaths, averaging 1 new case per day. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in the Valley, it was not safe to open the Lone Pine Wellness Center/Ohobü Fitness to the general public.

On September 15th, 2020 under California’s Blueprint for a Safer EconomyInyo County officially moved to a new tier, and more businesses were permitted to open, including Fitness Gyms at 10% capacity with modifications. Because our gym is very small, only 1,300 Sq Ft and has a capacity of about 10 people, we decided we would re-open the gym to Lone Pine tribal Members ONLY (one tribal member or family in the gym at one time). This would ensure that tribal members can still utilize the gym safely while avoiding any issues with social distancing. Our priority as a tribal facility is to protect our tribal members and community at all costs. Although we cannot wait to be able to safely reopen to the general public, we want to be wise and strategic about how and when we do so. If you’re a current, non-tribal gym member (paid membership before our closure) and you have questions/concerns about your membership, please email the Lone Pine Wellness Coordinator, Mariah L. David: wellness@lppsr.org.