Wellness Program


The Lone Pine Wellness Center/Ohobü Fitness is a small community gym owned and operated by the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Tribe and is the only fitness center within 41 miles of Lone Pine, California. The gym was created in order to provide Lone Pine tribal members with the resources and education they need to achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals. 

In order to create a sustainable wellness program and expand on services and resources for tribal members, we opened our doors to the non-tribal community for a small monthly fee.  Since then, our gym has become more than a business, it’s a community of positivity, health, wellness and empowerment for people of all ages, races and backgrounds. 

We hope to continue to expand our services to not only the tribal community but to the non-tribal community as well. 


To create a healthy and positive environment where tribal members have free access to fitness equipment and educational resources designed to help them thrive and meet their wellness goals. 


To sustain and expand our wellness program to provide more services for Lone Pine tribal members, including but not limited to: providing access to fitness equipment, culturally-relevant cooking/nutrition classes, fitness classes and personal training for free. 



Red Road Wellbriety & Blood Pressure monitoring every Monday at 2:00pm. Wellbriety Native talking circle is conducted by Bishop Family Services and hosted in the west wing of the Wellness Center. During these meetings attendees have the opportunity to check their blood pressure and check in on their overall well being. Wellbriety groups promote a healthy lifestyle and address alcohol and substance abuse issues within the community. Our goal is not just physical fitness but also mental health education, spiritual & native wellbeing.


We have implemented time slots to keep social distancing and sanitation consistent to reduce and minimize exposure. Staggering time slots for members also appeases fire regulations and overcrowding. Members RSVP their preferred time via email to staff for contactless operations. We at the Lone Pine Wellness Center want all tribal members and clients to feel safe and comfortable during these uncertain times.

Email us at: lp_wellness@yahoo.com

Call us at: 442.272.2048